The wedding glass set is a complete kit for the Jewish couple that wants to add a layer of artistry and intention to their wedding ceremony. The couple receives a hand-blown smashing glass in a purpose-made heavy-duty canvas pouch along with instructions and a return shipping label to send back their shards. After smashing the glass under the chuppah, they will return the shards to be made into a honey jar for them to share sweet delights for many years to come.

In Jewish tradition, it is customary for a newly-wed couple to drizzle their challah with honey each Shabbat. This continues for the entire first year of their marriage as a blessing for a sweet life together.


Each of these glasses is made with love and intention. Each is unique. Therefore, please note that the glass you receive may be slightly different from the one pictured on the site.


A NOTE ON COLOR: The color you are selecting now is the color of the cup to be smashed. While the pieces of the smashed glass contribute to the color of the final piece, the full color scheme will be a combination of the shards with the water-blue of our recycled glass. 


If you would like to add a second glass so that both partners can smash one, please follow this link.

Standard Wedding Glass Set: Smashing Glass & Shard Honey Jar

  • Free shipping on all wedding glass, including a return shipping label for sending the shards back to us.