This set includes glass for the couple to break during their wedding ceremony and a t'naim plate. T'naim is a Jewish tradition in which the mothers of the couple break a plate to symbolize their approval of the marriage and the breaking and reforging of relationships that takes place with a wedding.


After the smashing the glass under the chuppah, the shards are sent back to the artist to be remelted into three items: one for the new couple and one for each set of parents.*


The package will come with one card for each recipient of the final gift -- one for the couple, one for each set of parents -- and those can be used to indicate their selection. Options include a set of drinking glasses, decanter, handwashing cup, water pitcher, and vase.


A NOTE ON COLOR: The colors you are selecting now are the color of the cup and plate to be smashed. While the shards contribute to the color of the final piece, the full color scheme will be a combination of the shards with the water-blue of our recycled glass. 


*If you need additional pieces to accommodate your family structure, please indicate that below.

Deluxe Wedding Glass Set: T'naim Plate, Smash Glass, Choices of 3 Shard Art pcs

How many cups?
Additional (more than 3) finished pieces
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