This set includes glass for the couple to break during their wedding ceremony and a t'naim plate. T'naim is a Jewish tradition in which the mothers of the couple break a plate to symbolize their approval of the marriage and the breaking and reforging of relationships that takes place with a wedding.


After the smashing the glass under the chuppah, the shards are sent back to the artist to be remelted into three items: one for the new couple and one for each set of parents.*


The package will come with one card for each recipient of the final gift -- one for the couple, one for each set of parents -- and those can be used to indicate their selection. Options include a set of drinking glasses, decanter, handwashing cup, water pitcher, and vase.


*If you need additional pieces to accommodate your family structure, please indicate that below.

Custom Wedding Glass Set: T'naim Plate, Smash Glass, Choices of 3 Shard Art pcs

How many cups?
Additional (more than 3) finished pieces
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