Do you have a bag sitting in the back of your sock drawer? Does it have a bunch of broken glass from your wedding ceremony, wrapped in a napkin? Has it been there for 15+ years because you're not sure what to do with it, but you can't bring yourself to throw it out because that would be blasphemous, and every time you get into that conversation with yourself you get a headache and put the bag back in the drawer?


We can probably help you. After reading the disclaimer below, give us a call to discuss. 


Please Note: This is a custom commissioned item. Please do not order it through the website. Once you have read the information here, please call or email us to place your order.


1. Keep in mind that this is custom art. The images shown are examples of the artist's work, but no two pieces are alike.


2. Materials expand and contract as they heat up and cool down, and different types of glass heat up and cool down at different rates. This is called the coefficient of expansion. As such, when different types of glass are mixed (eg. the glass in our studio and the glass you smashed under the chuppah), there is a chance that they won't play nicely together. The resulting piece could break while it's being made, or be extra-sensitive to changes in temperature, or it could last a hundred or more years -- there are just no guarantees. So far we've had great results with these kinds of commissions and only one has broken, but there are no guarantees.


Let's discuss further: You can reach the artist (Bryan, aka BGOLD) by phone at 303-910-1277 or by email at


I Have a Bag of Broken Glass! Now What?

PriceFrom $180.00
  • The Kabbalists teach us that when the glass vessel holding the world shattered, the shards dispersed throughout all the corners of the world. We are now responsible for the Tikkun Olam, the repair work of bringing them back together. Each one of BGOLD’s vessels is made by gathering some of those broken shards and melting them back together with spiritual purpose. The symbolism behind wedding shards is even greater, as it represents the changing and re-fusing of multiple relationships.