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A pomegranate-shaped oil bottle with cork and stainless steel pour spout. Perfect for the table or kitchen counter.


Please note that each object created at BGOLD Glass is a unique work of art and no two are exactly the same. Photos are representative of the item, but each one is slightly different.

The pomegranate is one of the most ancient Jewish symbols, representing love, fertility, mitzvot, wisdom, sweetness, beauty, and abundance. The potential of the tiniest seed is infinite. These glass pomegranates for holding oil ask us to recall the Hannukah miracle: the metaphors of the pomegranate remind us that we have all that we need, and so much more.

Pomegranate Oil Drizzler

  • Clean by rinsing with warm soapy water. Spout can be cleaned with a narrow wire and bristle brush.

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