In 2016, BGOLD Glass hosted a Standing Rock awareness Channuka event during the hight of the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests. The event took place at a studio in denver that later closed, and their equipment now powers the BGOLD Glass studio.


The event included a walkthrough installation paralleling the Standing Rock story with the Channuka story, both powerful examples of standing up to power. Once through the exhibit, the particpants found themselves in the midst of a glass blowing experience where we were using fossil fuels to melt glass into art.  We then explored the dichotomy of living in fossil fuel based world while still caring for the environment during a panel discussion consisting of a Native American voice,  a pipeline worker, and a water scientist. This concept of dancing this fine line is what artist BGOLD referes to as mindful materialism.


We have hosted the “Gas to Glass” event around Channuka every year since as a major theme of channuka is a “Miracle” of having enough oil. This cup was made during our 2019 event. The reds and yellows in this vessel are blended in signature BGOLD style of remelting all reclaimed color in the furnace,  a method of reforging material. The cup is an historic vesel that brings water to the lip, an often overlooked mundane practice, essential to existence. Water is Life. 

Shard Cup (2019)

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