The classic BGOLD Glass honey jar, handmade with love from 100% recycled glass at our studio in Boulder, Colorado.  Elegant, sturdy form makes a beautiful and stately appearance on any table. Measures approximately 3 1/2" w x 2 1/2" h.


The color of this jar is the color of recycling: BGOLD Glass collects the discarded glass from other art glass studios in Colorado and melts it down into new creations. When all of the colors blend together in our furnace, a chemical reaction occurs that results in blue-tinted glass.


This honey jar is available with a choice of rubber or natural cork stopper. We recommend rubber, as the natural cork eventually starts to break down with prolonged contact with honey. However, we understand if you just love the look of natural cork -- we do too!


Please note that every piece made in our studio is unique. Therefore, there may be some variation in color, shape, and size between the photos shown here and the product you receive.

The BGOLD Standard Honey Jar