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About BGOLD Glass

BGOLD Glass promotes human connection and earth stewardship through our recycled glass operation. We create unique lighting design, one of a kind commissions, Jewish wedding glass packages, functional art, and Judaica. We also offer classes, team building, and events. This form and practice is an artistic method of cultivating compassion, empathy, and healing in our lives and communities.


Bryan Goldfeder, also known as BGOLD, is based in Lafayette, Colorado. BGOLD built his glass career on a foundation in ceramics and began apprenticing as an apprentice under John Hudnut at the Gather House in Frisco, Colorado in 2012. His education continued with guidance from Pat and Spooner at Prairie Glass in Santa Fe, along with explorations of many studios and approaches around the world through travel. Bryan continues to learn from master glass blowers by attending summer sessions at the Pilchuck Glass School, an international epicenter of glass art in Stanwood, Washington. 

BGOLD Glass Studio first opened in Boulder, Colorado in June 2018. The operation promotes sustainability by collecting and remelting trash glass from other studios in the area. Thousands of pounds of this precious material have been elevated from a layer in the landfill to meaningful and functional art, brightening homes and businesses around the world.


Currently, BGOLD Glass is building a new studio in Lafayette, Colorado, on the eastern edge of Boulder County. The studio is preparing to offer new classes and experiences. Sign up here to stay up to date on new developments, and to access bookings (and sales when they happen)!

Artist Statement

The Kabbalists teach us that when the glass vessel holding the world shattered, the shards dispersed throughout all the corners of the world. We are now responsible for the Tikkun Olam, the repair work, of bringing them back together. Each one of BGOLD’s vessels is made by gathering some of those broken shards and melting them back together with spiritual purpose. BGOLD’s current focus on functional Judaica aims to elevate traditional practice; each piece is consciously crafted to fulfill that purpose.

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