Meet the Artist

Bryan Goldfeder, best known as BGOLD, is a Jewish Glass blower from Denver, Colorado. BGOLD started his career in glass as an apprentice under John Hudnut at the Gather House in Frisco, Colorado. John passed down a sound technical and ergonomic approach to glass based on his training in the French Mountain tradition.

BGOLD spent several months in Jerusalem steeped in the study of Jewish ethics, culture, and Torah, much of which took place directly beneath a custom Chihuli installation exploring the power of fire and water on the human soul. This inspired BGOLD’s dual focus: elevating traditional Jewish practice through the creation and use of beautiful glass ritual objects and creating abstract wall art based in Kabbalah, Jewish mysticism.

Bryan worked his way back across America through studio gigs at Brooklyn Glass in New York, Prairie Dog Glass in Sante Fe, Bohemian Glass in Berkely, and Furnace glass in Denver. He completed a Jazz degree in Upright Bass from the University of Colorado. His approach to music is very similar to his philosophy of glass: the goal is to elevate conscious connection to reality and spirituality.

Currently, BGOLD’s Jewish vessels and abstract explorations come primarily out of studios in Colorado and New Mexico. His two latest series, “After the Break” and “Sefirotare in collaboration with Sante Fe oil painter Mya Kass. This show, exhibited through the Sante Fe Oxygen and Healing Bar, explores Kabbalah and medicine and is part of BGOLD’s mission to bring healing, Tikkun Olam, and connection into the world through art.

Meet Yael


If you contact BGOLD Glass, you'll likely hear back from Yael. In addition to being married to Bryan, Yael looks great in pink, a fact she has resented since early childhood.

Yael handles all things inventory, organizing, contacting, and otherwise human-ing while Bryan arts it up and turns out stunning piece after stunning piece. If you want to talk about sustainable agriculture, Colorado peaches, puppets, or Sesame Street in addition to glass, she is HERE FOR IT. 

Artist Statement

The Kabbalists teach us that when the glass vessel holding the world shattered, the shards dispersed throughout all the corners of the world. We are now responsible for the Tikkun Olam, the repair work, of bringing them back together. Each one of BGOLD’s vessels is made by gathering some of those broken shards and melting them back together with spiritual purpose. BGOLD’s current focus on functional Judaica aims to elevate traditional practice; each piece is consciously crafted to fulfill that purpose.