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Studio Experiences

Come visit our new studio in Lafayette, CO!

  • Our current class offerings are listed below. (Hover over the boxes to view.)

  • Please call or text Bryan directly to inquire and book at (303) 910-1277

Two Giraffes

Date at the Studio for 2 People:

1.5 hour immersive glass blowing experience during which you and your partner will learn glass blowing fundamentals and create 1-2 pieces of your own design 


Deep Dive Design & Create for 1-2 people:

Immersive glass blowing experience during which you (and your partner if you bring one) will learn glass blowing fundamentals and create 1-3 pieces of your own design

1.5 hours: $250

2 hours: $300

1-2 People



Family Experience for 3-5 People:

1.5 hour hands-on class during which your group will collaborate to create 2-3 pieces of your own design


Groups of 5-9 People

Hands-on class during which your group will either collaborate on a few bigger pieces or create pieces of each participant's design. Exact length varies.

$250 flat fee + $96-$136 per person, dependent on # of final pieces 


Call to inquire

Thanks! We'll be in touch.

What Our Guests Are Saying

This was an absolutely amazing experience and such a great way to celebrate an anniversary by creating something truly unique together. From learning about the process to choosing colors and what we wanted to make and all the way to actively participating in its creation. Incredible experience led by a genuine and kind guy who not only makes you feel welcome, but as if you are vital to the process of your creation.


This is one of the coolest things I've ever done and Bryan makes the whole experience engaging and exciting! I can't wait to do it again!


This experience exceeded our expectations! Bryan is very knowledgeable. The best part was that we got to jump right in a create pieces that we designed and had our hands on from beginning to end. Bryan lead and taught us in an encouraging and kind manner. He made us feel at home in his studio and made what I thought would be an intimidating and difficult activity very approachable and fun!


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