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Apple Project

Fall 2021 - Winter 2022

The People's Plot

April 2019 - The People's Plot was a public installation in downtown Boulder, CO on an abandoned garden bed. The process began with adding fresh soil and compost to the plot before the planting of glass. The glass was then removed making way for vegetables and pollinator habitat. This project brought awareness to the community surrounding this land and helped pressure the apartment complex to take responsibility for allowing plants and pollinators to be part of their capitalist housing project as well.

Masculine Cornography

April 2018 -- Glass Corn grows from mined materials and fossil fuel just like commodity corn does. The 90 million acres in US corn production are resource reliant and environmentally destructive. Mainstream corn production, similar to mainstream glass blowing, is powered by fossil fuel, but there are environmentally sustainable ways to do both. Hazon is a Jewish environmental organization that focuses on bettering our communities through healthier practices. Tikkun Olam, repairing the world, can shine through the food we eat, the things we buy, and the art we make. Commodity Corn is profit driven; the profits from this glass corn will go directly to Hazon and to furthering our shared mission.

Water Pitcher of Peace

BGOLD brought together people from Israel, Iran, and America to work on the same team to make a powerful piece. They discussed the importance of uniting around water, as nature knows no borders and water issues affect everyone. This short film tells that story and brings us back to the studio during the annual Gas to Glass Channukah celebration. Proceeds from this project benefit the Arava Institute in Israel, a school bringing many different people together to work towards sustainable solutions.

Am I An Artist

This artistic expose asks the big question: Am I an Artist? While it's the question everyone should be asking themselves, this surreal piece follows Artist BGOLD on that journey. Created in collaboration with  Blackout Love, this film uses abstract cinematography and avant-garde storytelling to take us on the adventure into the realm of Art.

Where is the Gas in Glass:

A Window into Standing Rock

“Where is the Gas in Glass” brought awareness to the Standing Rock Sioux protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. The walkthrough show at Fire Studio in Denver consisted of four main glass installations, around the four elements, as well as a written component. The written section, in collaboration with Yael Gilana, placed the Standing Rock narrative in parallel with the Chanukah story.The participants also experienced hands-on glass blowing and a discussion panel. Glass blowing relies on heavy metals and natural glass, so the dichotomy of this event brought dialogue and questions about different values and how we live our lives. 

Event sponsored by Moishe House and Hazon, a Jewish sustainability organization.

ספירות Sefirot

Santa Fe Kabbalah Caverns

The exhibition, “Sefirot,” explores the 10 Kabbalistic realms along with the four worlds surrounding mystical Judaism.  These works, which are glass and oil on canvas, are in collaboration with Sante Fe’s abstract oil painter, Mya Kass. The gallery opening in August  2017, is aligned with BGOLD’s bigger mission of bringing healing, Tikkun Olam, and connection into the world through art.

The Flag Project

This series was born out of the Coloradan nationalist movement, which is creating a large influx of new residents based primarily on good weather and legal Marijuana. The pieces, glass and acrylic on canvas, are focused on the power of connection, unification, and ethnocentrism around different aspects of society. The bigger questions brought through these flags, which are abstract and surreal interpretations of both the Colorado and Israeli flags, aim to challenge virtues of importance in one’s life.

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