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Artist BGOLD will create beautiful hand-blown glass for you to break during your wedding ceremony. After your wedding, bring the shards* to our studio and he will guide you through a highly personalized hands-on glassblowing session where you will work together as a couple to transform the shards into a new item that you can use in your home. Possibilities include a salt jar, honey jar, drinking glasses, water pitcher, or decanter. If you have something else in mind, let us know. 

To purchase a complete package that includes the glass to be smashed, please make sure you select how many cups you need below and let us know when you need it. If you have already received a BGOLD glass from someone, simply select "0."


*Please note that we can only work with glass that originally came from our studio. Sorry, it's a science thing. If your wedding shards have been in a drawer for years and you want to discuss what to do with them, please give us a ring at 303-910-1277.

For Colorado Couples: Remelt-Your-Shards Studio Experience

Cup(s) for Smashing
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