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Blown Glass and Wood 

BGOLD, 2020


The Jewish holiday of Channukah celebrates the Miracle of oil. Holy Oil that was enough for one day lasted burning bright for eight, an abundant reminder of having enough. Channukah also remembers the small group of Jewish Activists who stood up against the might of the Roman empire demanding respect.

This Channukia is made of recycled glass and beetle kill pine. The watery flames delicately balancing on this dead wood remind us of the precarious nature of water and oil, as fracking uses an abundance of both.

How do we stand up against the Oil Empire, and our consumptive desires, to bring sustainability and humanity to all?

Life of Water

Blown Glass and Steel

BGOLD, 2020

This sculpture dances us though the lifecycle of water in our community. In the High Rockies, the winter and spring precipitation bring the wildflowers to life. Then water becomes the powerful rivers that satiate the mycelium or mushroom networks that create life in forests and cities. We then enjoy the water flowing into our glasses and tubs of Denver and beyond. This Art is 100% reclaimed steel and glass, a lively reminder of “reclaiming” the future of water in the West. Water is Life.

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