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Meet the Team

At BGOLDglass we work to elevate and infuse meaning into the art we make and connections we forge. The concept of Mindful Materialism relies on some key ingredients, with gratitude being an especially important one.

The Ripple has been made possible through an orchestra of different things, and we would like to share special gratitude to the CU Boulder students who made it possible.

Isabella (Izzy) Da Silva Environmental Design Senior and Ripple Product Manager. In the glass world, the process of faceting is cutting and polishing a blob into a powerful prism. Izzyʼs hard work and expertise on the many facets of “The Ripple” product launch has focused Art Activismʼs powerful light into the world. Thanks Izzy!

Caroline Fan Walton, Environmental Design Senior, has brought the artist's eye to the gallery. Caroline designed and built a new photo booth that allows our glass to shine its true potential. And you keep shining yours!

George Faraco, Mechanical Engineering Graduate Student, has taken on our projects with design integrity and creativity. From building new stairs to the loft office where the Ripple concept has grown, to the glory hole rebuild that is enabling maximum efficiency on the studio floor, your ripples are making a difference. Thanks George and congratulations on your graduation!

Melissa Pinker, Documentary Film Student. Thanks Melissa for your powerful storytelling. Your willingness to work together on the shots and even jump onto the studio floor with flare has brought art to life.

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