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The Ripple is, simply put, a cup. A vessel that can hold water. Metaphorically though, it's so much more. It represents the ripple that each of us have in this ocean we call life.


We are all vessels that hold a soul, vessels that hold possibilities, possible life, possible love, possible ripples that we can share in the world. The Ripple represents our power, your power to create and share and elevate and bring light here in this realm that we all exist in.   


Hand blown from 100% recycled glass in Boulder, Colorado. Since every cup is individually crafted, there will be some variation in size and shape between each cup. These glasses hold between 10 and 18 oz. of your favorite beverage.


The color of these cups comes from the process we use at our studio: we collect the landfill-bound discarded glass from other art glass studios in our region and re-melt it in our furnace. When all the colors blend together, they turn the beautiful watery-blue shown here.


**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SETS** -- Please allow 2-3 weeks shipping time for sets. While we have individual glasses in stock, they aren't necessarily close enough in shape to make up a set, so we may need to make your set to order.

Ripple Cup: Classic

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