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Functional Judaica

The Kabbalists teach us that when the glass vessel holding the world shattered, the shards dispersed throughout all the corners of the world. We are now responsible for the Tikkun Olam, the repair work, of bringing them back together. Each one of BGOLD’s vessels is made by gathering some of those broken shards and melting them back together with spiritual purpose. BGOLD’s current focus on functional Judaica aims to elevate traditional practice; each piece is consciously crafted to fulfill that purpose.

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Elijah & Miriam Goblets

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Shabbat Sets

Salt Jars

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Salt, Melach, has many mystical and ritual purposes in the Jewish tradition. From spreading on the Temple sacrifices representing the mineral world, to spreading on our meat to ensure kashrut, there are many shamanistic and metaphoric powers of salt. 


The Kabbalists equate Salt to Gevurah, one of the Sefirot in the Kabbalistic structure. Gevurah represents strength, focus, containment, and boundaries. Its counterpart in the Kabbalah system is Chesed, loving open expression. When these two forces are in balance, they create powerful Tikkun Olam. By holding this essential life force of salt, this vessel creates the physical boundary of Gevurah so that it can be properly channeled.

Marriage Jars

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When celebrating the epic simcha of two people coming together as one team, it is customary to share a gift of blessing for the couple's new life together. Many different cultures from the Native Americans to the Dutch Friesland have marriage jar customs, and the Jews have a marriage vessel tradition as well.

 A gift of salt, wine, and grain for the blessing of spice, or gevurah, sweetness, and abundance, start any new household off right. This Marriage Jar, filled with staples to sustain, is a blessing of abundance in this new shared life together; may it be enlivening. or

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