The Ripple

Simply put, a glass of water. Metaphorically: everyone’s actions have a ripple effect 

Ripple Documentary

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The Ripple Interview

Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business

I'm Bryan, I run BGOLD Glass, my studio here in Boulder Colorado. I consider myself an art activist. I am an art activist. BGOLD Glass uses 100% reclaimed material. All of my work is created from this abundant material known as trash. Here at the studio I’m doing lots of classes for people who have never blown glass before to come in and experience the material and feel, viscerally, the process and the making of something as simple as a functional vessel. Something as simple as a cup. 


Interviewer: Tell us about the project you are currently working on

Currently I am working on The Ripple which is, simply put, a cup. A cup. A Vessel that can hold water. Metaphorically though, it's so much more. It represents the ripple that each of us have in this ocean we call life. Judaism teaches that we are all vessels that hold a soul, vessels that hold possibilities, possible life, possible love, possible ripples that we can share in the world. The Ripple represents our power, your power to create and share and elevate and bring light here in this realm that we all exist in.   


Interviewer: Where did you find the inspiration for this project?

So The Ripple started, during the Standing Rock protest, which was a big protest in 2016 around the Dakota Access Pipeline cutting through some holy lands and really endangering a lot of water. So during that time I rented a studio and gallery and had a Standing Rock awareness event where we brought together a panel of a water scientist, an oil pipeline worker, and a native voice to have a conversation. We then all blew glass together. This whole event was really celebrating a couple things. It was looking at the dichotomy between living in a world so reliant on fossil fuel and caring about the environment. This Standing Rock Awareness event also highlighted something close to me. It was around the time of Hanukkah so we parallelled the Hanukkah story with current uprising Standing Rock protests. The similarities are that Hanukkah is our celebration of the miracle of oil as well as the remembrance of a small group of people standing up to the Romans who were oppressing them. In this case, oil barons oppressing the people. Oil. Miracle. Life.

Check out this window into the glassblowing experience. A huge part of BGOLD Glass is bringing the visceral adventure to life and this brings us there. Video created by: Chris Rasmussen Films

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