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The Ripple

Simply put, a glass of water. Metaphorically: everyone’s actions have a ripple effect 

This short documentary takes a deeper look into BGOLDglass studio and the current exploration of "The Ripple" through the lens of Art Activism. A combination of art and craft, this piece shares the deeper intention and practice behind both. A follow up to "Am I an Artist," we now have an answer, Art Activist...

The Ripple Interview

interview audioBryan Goldstien
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Interviewer: Tell us a little bit about yourself and your business

I'm Bryan, I run BGOLD Glass, my studio here in Boulder Colorado. I consider myself an art activist. I am an art activist. BGOLD Glass uses 100% reclaimed material. All of my work is created from this abundant material known as trash.

The Process

The Mall Install

This installation is a 36” window in Denver's Cherry Creek mall and is comprised of 3 main components: The Water Fall, The Channukiah, and The Ripple. Click below to read the full story.

Know your farmer

At BGOLDglass we work to elevate and infuse meaning into the art we make and connections we forge. The concept of Mindful Materialism relies on some key ingredients, with gratitude being an especially important one.

The Ripple has been made possible through an orchestra of different things, and we would like to share special gratitude with the CU Boulder students who made it possible.

Mindful Materialism

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